About BettrAi ™

Our Mission

BettrAi ™ is dedicated to being on the leading edge of technology, serving healthcare providers and patients with the most cost-effective, integrated healthcare system available to increase the overall Population Health at a lower cost with the best ROI.

Our services are focused on the enrichment of individual lives through technology by addressing key human needs including health, wellness and lifestyle.

Thank you for your consideration. We look forward to the opportunity of providing the best value in serving you.


BettrAi ™ Health provides a world-class Software as a Service (SaaS) patient-oriented Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) system, integrated with our health data management and communication network system. Our system connects patients with their providers, family members, and care givers with one holistic network system and provides easy access for all of a patient’s records from all providers, in one single repository.This unique system is designed specifically for the aging “Baby Boomer” population and for all critical care patients. Our system includes:

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

BettrAi ™ digital devices, as well as several commercially available devices, capture and integrate biometric data from multiple devices into the patients’ personal health database.

These personal sensors and devices automatically record biometric data, such as heart rate, heart rhythm, EKG, blood pressure, blood oxygen, glucose level, body weight, temperature, etc.

Fall Detection

BettrAi ™ Monitors detect movement and falls using passive wide band radar technology in homes and care facilities, without the need for visual contact, lanyards, or call buttons.

  • No cameras, no wearable, no buttons, and no batteries
  • Automatic fall detection 24×7
  • Monitors behavior and provides real-time alerts 
for unusual patterns
Fall Detection
Patinent Dashboard
Dashboards and Analytics

BettrAi ™ Artificial Intelligence provides real time trend analysis and provider configurable alerts to care givers.

Personalized portals, dashboards, analytical reports, and event triggers automatically notify providers and loved ones, whenever values fall outside the acceptable range.

Users can view graphs, vital signs, lab results over time, and summary of current health issues.


BettrAi ™ Telemedicine capabilities, such as group video conferencing and shared calendars, enable multiple parties to easily communicate and coordinate.

Providers, families, and patients are readily connected whenever needed, wherever they are.

Electronic Health Record (EHR) system

BettrAi ™ can integrate existing proprietary Electronic Medical Records (EMR) or aggregate one’s health data from multiple EMR systems into one BettrAi ™ EHR system.

Patient data is stored in the patient’s personal consolidated health database.

Medications, labs, appointments, and more, can be viewed and managed in one place.

The BettrAi ™ Software as a Service (SaaS) is a cloud based service, with no costly resources to manage, and adheres to all HIPAA, patient privacy directives, and security standards.