The healthcare industry is currently using business intelligence solutions to handle data and for operational management. Healthcare organizations are becoming data-savy and have proven themselves in handling big data and dashboard analytics effectively. Dashboards and advanced visual analytics play a significant role in the healthcare industry.


They serve as the modern analytics tools to monitor and handle large data associated with healthcare organizations. Advanced analytics dashboards provide real-time insights to tackle the challenges that are primarily essential to improve the performance metrics.

Healthcare dashboards to improve operational efficiency

The dashboard of a healthcare organization allows visual representation of data where they can often compare their metrics to improve operational efficiency. Hospitals are monitoring patient satisfaction scores over dashboards using advanced analytics as the key factors to enhance their performance to improve patient satisfaction and revenue growth.

The scattered data of various departments can be divided with strategic planning for the smooth management of data and documents to increase your operational result. When the metrics are evaluated, the analytics data in a healthcare dashboard enhances the decision-making process. These analytics translate your efforts into simple representations that can showcase your healthcare facilities, especially while communicating with patients and vendor companies. Efficient hospital dashboards are crucial as they directly impact the reputation by showcasing the hospital’s performance.

Personalized portals, dashboards, analytical reports, and event triggers automatically notify providers and loved ones, whenever values fall outside the acceptable range.

Artificial Intelligence provides real time trend analysis and provider configurable alerts to care givers.

Users can view graphs, vital signs, lab results over time, and summary of current health issues.

Dashboards are designed specifically for both providers and caregivers showing all of their patients on one screen, as well as for each individual patient, showing all of their key indicators, critical trackers, and other data.

A summary of current health issues, medications, allergies, immunizations, and preventive care is also included.

Advanced Analytics for Healthcare Providers and Payors

Purpose built data science tools dedicated to healthcare with a large library of data adaptors, data enrichment features, and model templates. Automated management processes to deploy and monitor models at scale.

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