Remote Patient Monitoring

This healthcare avatar is a unique blend of a human qualities and state of the art digital technologies. Sophie can check a patient’s vital statistics, ask how they are feeling, assess their mood, help schedule appointments, and ensure they’ve taken their medications.

Best of all, she is always available to assist her patients whenever they need her, and she can provide immediate updates to family and care providers.

BettrAi Patient Engagement

  • Sophie offers intelligent, empathetic and supportive interactions personalized for each individual patient.
  • She can engage the patient based on feedback from RPM devices, help schedule a virtual session with care providers, or notify loved ones.
  • Sophie addresses some of the everyday care needs, leaving healthcare professionals more time for higher-priority issues.
  • Sophie can help create a consistent, genuine, and scalable experience your patients can connect with, while improving overall population health.

BettrAi Digital Patient Assistant

  • Artificial Intelligence determines behavior, emotions, and speech in real-time for natural flowing conversations
  • She can read the emotional response and, if the patient is confused, Sophie can offer to explain it a different way.
  • If she detects the patient is happy, she can respond with a smile or laugh when context calls for it.
  • Patients can have a natural conversation with Sophie at any time, day or night, and ask questions regarding their health, medication, diet, and more.


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