Fall Detection for Elderly (in home)

Technological innovations are playing a crucial role in the medical field. The application of various technologies in healthcare is helping to improve patient outcomes and serve the people better. Passive monitoring systems are currently in high demand and as they are effective in detecting sudden falls. Sometimes, fall-related injuries can cause permanent disability and can even be fatal. Fall detection is an alert system that employs technology to activate a sensor when a person experiences a sudden fall.

No cameras, no wearables, no buttons, and no batteries

Automatic fall detection 24x7

Monitors behaviour and provides real-time alerts 
for unusual patterns

Voice interaction with family or emergency contact center

Fall Detection (commercial facilities)

  • No cameras, no wearables, no buttons, and no batteries
  • Automatic fall detection 24x7
  • Get real-time visibility on resident status in all of your rooms
  • Track location, presence, posture, activity patterns and medical emergencies
  • Measure staff time spent on individual resident care, analyzing effectiveness on resident activity
  • Integrated with your EMR system
  • Flexible notification system can send alerts to a dashboard or mobile devices

Powered by the world's most advanced fall alert system


Fall detection summons immediate help

A fall can abruptly change the body position and movement and can be identified by fall detection technologies. An alert/signal is sent to a device that is connected to the wearable and indicates a medical emergency. Identifying falls can help to handle the problem in time and prevent further complications resulting from it. An effective fall detection device alerts a fall to an appropriately connected end device for further analysis to provide immediate essential service.

Currently, elderly patient care has become challenging as most of them are suffering from chronic conditions that demand a regular watch on their health. Such elderly populations are at a high risk of unintentional injuries, especially when there is no one around to monitor them. It is ideal if elderly and older individuals have long-term care facilities to address their medical urgency. Hence, wearable sensor-based fall detection devices are primarily helpful in geriatric care for immediate assistance to reach them.

Fall detection devices are one such advanced innovations that are developed with sensor networks. Currently, some various smartphones and wearables are equipped with sensors that detect sudden falls. The equipped sensors attached to the patient’s body transmit the data to a monitoring unit that is designed to identify falls. A large number of companies are now manufacturing affordable fall detection devices that are suitable for usage in home environments and clinics. Extensive research is done before making a fall detection device available in the market. The performance, data transfer, accuracy, and zero chances of false alarms are some of the key features that a fall detection device should have.


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