The BettrAi ™ platform provides all the features required to implement a remote patient monitoring system. Our RPM features include scheduled, automatic communications between healthcare professionals, authorized family members and patients, as well as personalized tracking, alerting, and reports.

Personal sensors and digital devices automatically record current biometric data, such as heart rate, heart rhythm, EKG, blood pressure, blood oxygen, glucose level, body weight, temperature, etc.

iHealth, AnD, Apple, Fitbit, Samsung, as well as BettrAi ™ digital devices capture and Integrate biometric data in the patients’ personal health database.

BettrAi ™ Artificial Intelligence provides real time trend analysis and provider configurable alerts to care givers.

Next Generation 4D RADAR Fall Detection
  • No Cameras, No Wearables, No Buttons, and No Batteries!
  • Monitors presence, movements, and falls… 24×7
  • Integrated with BettrAi Remote Patient Monitoring System
  • Advanced ultra wideband 4D RADAR Imaging and machine learning based fall tracking system
  • Simple to setup, just plug in and place on the wall
  • High resolution coverage area of 18 x 20 feet
  • Custom notifications to family members and proactive care agents
BettrAi Portable lab and blood monitoring system
  • Perform a full panel of metabolic tests while your patients wait
  • Real-time, lab quality results within minutes.
  • Integrated into the BettrAi solution stack
BettrAi Fetal Monitor
  •  Custom high sensitivity electrodes Easy peel and stick; No skin preparation required
  • Digital and print reports In-built printer; Shareable PDF reports
  • Clicker Handheld wireless clicker to mark fetal movement
  • Portable Docking Station Easy to carry
  • Single Probe measuring FHR, MHR, and Uterine Activity
  • Higher Movement Tolerance Auto recalibration on fetal and maternal movements
  • Ease of Use No fetal heart localization; No probe slippage
  • Superior Patient Comfort No straps / belts ; No gels required

BettrAi ™ Health Current Suite of Remote Patient Monitoring Devices

Blood Pressure Monitors
  • iHealth Feel Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor
  • iHealth Track – Connected Blood Pressure Monitor
  • iHealth View Wireless Wrist Monitor
  • Sense Wireless Blood Pressure Portable Wrist Cuff
  • iHealth Track Wireless Blood Pressure Cuff
  • A&D Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
Fall Detection
  • Passive 4D Wideband Radar Motion & Fall Detection
Weight Scales
  • A&D Deluxe connected weight scale
  • Lite Wireless Bluetooth Scale
  • iHealth Nexus BLE Body Composition Scale
  • BettrAi – Steth
  • iHealth Air Wireless Pulse Oximeter
  • Nonin Pulse Oximeter
  • iHealth Non-Touch Infrared Forehead Thermometer
Blood Analyzers
  • BettrAi – HbA1c
  • BettrAi – Hemoglobin
  • BettrAi – Total Cholesterol | TGL | HDL
  • BettrAi – Creatinine, AST/ALT, K+
  • BettrAi – Wearable Strip (Temperature, HR, SPO2, Respiratory)
  • Wave Wireless Swim, Activity, and Sleep Monitor
  • Apple Watch
Multifunction monitors
  • BettrAi – Multifunction
Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, EKG, Respiratory Rate,
Blood Glucose, Blood Oxygen, Body Temperature


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