BettrAi believes that good care management is a two-way street; when providers and patients actively engage in dialogue and make decisions jointly, the odds of the care plan being successfully carried out multiply exponentially.

The days of the dutiful patient as a passive, obedient recipient of medical instructions should be far into the rear-view mirror by now. Consumers of healthcare are more savvy than ever, more knowledgeable about their conditions and their treatment options, and rightly expect to be more participatory in the management of their health.

Giving patients the tools to be more engaged not only enhances their active involvement in striving toward better health, but increases their compliance with the care plan and satisfaction with the experience.

When bolstered by the capability of telemedicine, the prospects for effective care management skyrocket. Telemedicine allows for secure communication between patient and provider by way of a digital device.

While virtual provider visits are not an entirely new phenomenon, the COVID-19 pandemic clearly accelerated this mode of interaction, and it is now mainstream and in high demand.

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Not only is BettrAi’s telemedicine feature efficient and convenient, it provides critical access for patients who might otherwise have difficulty seeing a provider in-person due to transportation challenges or rural, under-served locations.

Taking virtual interaction yet another major step forward, BettrAi affords patients the ability to interact with its virtual health assistant, Sophie. Accessible 24/7, this avatar has been designed to augment the person-to-person interactions that the platform facilitates. By using this form of AI technology, the strain on overburdened, often burned-out clinical staff is reduced while at the same time, patients are able to enjoy efficient, intelligent conversational guidance with Sophie on a range of matters.

This healthcare avatar is a unique blend of human qualities and state-of-the-art digital technologies. Sophie can check a patient’s vital statistics, ask how they are feeling, assess their mood, help schedule appointments, and ensure they’ve taken their medications.

Sophie allows patients to come up with queries where they need assistance while undergoing the treatment. Best of all, she is always available to assist her patients whenever they need her, and she can provide immediate updates to family and care providers.