Patients are the ultimate beneficiaries of the shift to value-based reimbursement enabled by technology like BettrAi’s breakthrough, AI-integrated platform. When providers are held accountable through properly aligned incentives and equipped with the tools to manage care in a way that enhances positive outcomes, patient health – at the individual and population levels – is elevated.

With roughly half the U.S. population suffering from one or more chronic conditions, the implications of effective, equitable, and efficient care management are massive. Not only do these conditions account for the majority of healthcare spending and resource utilization, corresponding health outcomes continue to fall far short of where they should be. Quality of life, even longevity, are seriously and unnecessarily compromised.

When clinical and social data about chronic disease sufferers is captured and analyzed using the BettrAi platform, actionable insights are created about risk and opportunities are revealed to minimize that risk. Evidence-based interventions can be instituted at the right time and place, that serve both to prevent adverse events and to promote recovery and stability.

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The patient engagement that the BettrAi platform enables is a vital component of care management success. Not only are patients more compliant, but they enjoy a better experience, more satisfaction, and rightly feel and behave like active participants in their recovery. Family caregivers and community supports are dynamically engaged, as well, filling critical needs and bridging gaps that previously impeded successful recoveries.

Good communication and coordination across all participants in the process of managing chronic and complex illnesses invariably contributes to better outcomes. Everyone wins.