Patient health care involves effective management of the disease and restoration of the health for a better living. Healthcare services are complex and when it comes to hospital services, the job goes tedious. With the fast-growing e-commerce businesses, most of the services are accessible at our doorstep.

Currently, telemedicine is providing extensive support to the healthcare system and is helping ease the work with highly effective outcomes. Telemedicine is a cloud-based platform that delivers patient-to-provider services virtually.

The telemedicine services in a combination with remote patient monitoring (RPM) benefit a larger group of the population, especially elders who face difficulty in attending a scheduled appointment with the doctor.

Telemedicine is providing quality care and service to the growing population by minimizing the time spent waiting at a doctor’s office and in travel. By implementation of various technologies, the health condition of the patient is monitored through telemedicine. The huge on-demand healthcare system is currently striving hard to provide convenient and effective care. Telemedicine has been a remarkable evolution over the past decade to the overburdened healthcare professionals.

The demand for telemedicine companies is expected to spike up in the coming years. Telemedicine services allow the patients to communicate with primary healthcare providers with appropriate care and attention. Artificial intelligence (AI) collects the patient’s medical history as a referral to analyze the patient health. With a rapidly increasing globalized society, some of the vulnerable diseases are scaring people where doctor visits are at a risk.

Advanced solutions to track health conditions remotely

A number of telemedicine companies are now providing end-to-end solutions to health problems. Telemedicine services allow the patients to consult a doctor or a medical professional virtually through voice call or a video call. The latest technology advancements have put aside traditional healthcare practices and have fastened the communication between the patients and healthcare providers.

To provide collaborative care beyond the hospital, remote monitoring programs are standing as the real-time solutions with high accuracy. Remote patient monitoring companies have come up with innovative health devices that detect falls of elderly people and eliminate further complications. The quality of life of elderly individuals can be improved with fall detection systems, which play a significant role in remote patient monitoring.

Remote Patient Monitoring uses advanced technology to monitor patient’s health remotely. With increased consciousness on health, remote patient monitoring devices are helping people to have a check on their clinical parameters remotely without the need for clinical staff. The clinical teams provide patient-centric care with regular follow-ups to deliver effective services to the patients.

The accidental fall events in elderly people can sometimes be fatal Fall detection for elderly people is a life savior. It reduces the emergency need and prevents slipping into serious health complications. Fall detection devices alert an individual and alleviate fear to seek immediate medical attention.

Our Remote Patient Monitoring features includes

scheduled, automatic communications between healthcare professionals, authorized family members and patients, as well as personalized tracking, alerting, and reports.

Personal sensors and digital devices automatically record current biometric data, such as heart rate, heart rhythm, EKG, blood pressure, blood oxygen, glucose level, body weight, temperature, etc.

iHealth, AnD, Apple, Fitbit, Samsung, as well as BETTRAi digital devices capture and Integrate biometric data in the patients’ personal health database.

BettrAi Artificial Intelligence provides real time trend analysis and provider configurable alerts to care givers.

Portable Blood Monitor

BettrAi Portable lab and blood monitoring system

  • Perform a full panel of metabolic tests while your patients wait
  • Real-time, lab quality results within minutes.
  • Integrated into the BettrAi solution stack
Fall Detect Device

Next Generation 4D RADAR Fall Detection

No Cameras, No Wearables, No Buttons, and No Batteries!

  • Monitors presence, movements, and falls… 24×7
    Integrated with BettrAi Remote Patient Monitoring System
  • Advanced ultra wideband 4D RADAR Imaging and machine learning based fall tracking system
    Simple to setup, just plug in and place on the wall
    High resolution coverage area of 18 x 20 feet
  • Custom notifications to family members and proactive care agents

BettrAi Fetal Monitor

Fatal Monitor
  • Custom high sensitivity electrodes Easy peel and stick; No skin preparation required
  • Digital and print reports In-built printer; Shareable PDF reports
  • Clicker Handheld wireless clicker to mark fetal movement
  • Portable Docking Station Easy to carry
  • Allows presetting FHR alarm
  • Allows adding annotations at specific points in the test
  • Allows customizations in the graph visuals
  • Allows scrolling to access earlier time stamps in longer scans
Fatal Monitor
  • Single Probe measuring FHR, MHR, and Uterine Activity
  • Higher Movement Tolerance Auto recalibration on fetal and maternal movements
  • Ease of Use No fetal heart localization; No probe slippage
  • Superior Patient Comfort No straps / belts ; No gels required
  • Convenient detachable tablet
  • Audio feedback of fetal heart rate
  • Wireless data transmission within 10 feet
  • Multilingual interface

Blood Pressure Monitors

  • iHealth Feel Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor
  • iHealth Track – Connected Blood Pressure Monitor
  • iHealth View Wireless Wrist Monitor
  • Sense Wireless Blood Pressure Portable Wrist Cuff
  • iHealth Track Wireless Blood Pressure Cuff
  • A&D Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

BettrAi Health Current Suite of Remote Patient Monitoring Devices

Blood Pressure Monitors

  • iHealth Feel Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor
  • iHealth Track – Connected Blood Pressure Monitor
  • iHealth View Wireless Wrist Monitor
  • Sense Wireless Blood Pressure Portable Wrist Cuff
  • iHealth Track Wireless Blood Pressure Cuff
  • A&D Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Fall Detection

  • Passive 4D Wideband Radar Motion & Fall Detection

Weight Scales

  • A&D Deluxe connected weight scale
  • Lite Wireless Bluetooth Scale
  • iHealth Nexus BLE Body Composition Scale


  • BettrAi – Steth

Multifunction monitors

  • BettrAi – Multifunction
Blood Pressure, Heart Rate,
  • EKG, Respiratory Rate,
Blood Glucose, Blood
  • Oxygen, Body Temperature

Blood Pressure Monitors

  • iHealth Air Wireless Pulse Oximeter
  • Nonin Pulse Oximeter


  • iHealth Non-Touch Infrared Forehead Thermometer

Blood Analyzers

  • BettrAi – HbA1c
  • BettrAi – Hemoglobin
  • BettrAi – Total Cholesterol | TGL | HDL
  • BettrAi – Creatinine, AST/ALT, K+


  • BettrAi – Wearable Strip (Temperature, HR, SPO2, Respiratory)
  • Wave Wireless Swim, Activity, and Sleep Monitor
  • Apple Watch


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