Population health management

Enabling progressive reduction of chronic diseases

Population health management (PHM) focuses on reducing health inequalities among the current population and promotes better patient health without any disparities. Population health management eases the analysis of the patient’s data, by which the healthcare providers can improve their services and patient care.

PHM requires a structured and well-managed system to ensure that the patient information collected from electronic health records (EHR), physician bills, lab, pharmacy, and medical claims are well integrated with better outcomes. Patient health management provides quality care by bridging the gap between patient needs and cost-effective comprehensive health solutions. PHM requires a high-performing healthcare network that includes industry-renowned technology providers who are efficient to tackle clinical, financial, and operational data to minimize the health risks and costs.

BETTRAi provides a unique “Virtual” Patient Management and Communication system all in one holistic platform that integrates real time Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) biometric devices, Fall Detection, Telehealth, AI trend analysis, Alerts, integrated Patient Data or EMR, scheduling, claims tracking, and an Avatar Digital Health Assistant for patient engagement. This system offers an innovative, holistic solution for better, more efficient “virtual healthcare” at a low cost. With the new 2020 CPT codes, our system is billable to most insurers and pays for itself in only a few months, creating a new positive revenue stream for our clients.



If a patient is out of reach, immobile, or just can't make it in for today's appointment the telemedicine solution is there to assist.

Group Scheduling

Discover the easiest way to schedule appointments with BettrAi ™.

Remote Patient Monitoring

The BettrAi ™ platform provides all the features required to implement a remote patient monitoring system.

Fall Detection

No cameras, no wearable, no buttons, and no batteries. Automatic fall detection 24x7


Digital Health Assistant

Meet Sophie, your digital health assist! She provides real-time conversations on topics ranging from physical health needs to emotional interactions.

  • BettrAi provides remote patient monitoring capabilities, virtual secure telehealth sessions with patients and families, EMR integration, coordinated scheduling capabilities, claims and payment processing, while adding a new revenue stream, which pays for itself, decreases costs, increases profit, increases providers’ performance in risk sharing programs.

For Patients
  • BettrAi provides a single source for all health history, current treatment plans, and real-time vital statistics through a system that will pay for itself when prescribed and covered through an approved insurer.

For Families
  • BettrAi provides a view of the patient vital statistics, scheduled appointments, and the ability to quickly coordinate virtual sessions with patients and their providers

  • Ease of use is critical to ensure patients follow through with protocol guidelines. Even if researchers are not monitoring the information 24 hours a day/seven days a week, those conducting a study can continually collect a variety of data so the layers of information can be processed through the appropriate algorithms to get a complete picture.
Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring

The BettrAi ™ platform provides all the features required to implement a remote patient monitoring system. Our RPM features include scheduled, automatic communications between healthcare professionals, authorized family members and patients, as well as personalized tracking, alerting, and reports.

BettrAi ™ Remote Patient Monitoring uses advanced analytics and works with any open wearable, medical device or other data source, providing automated detection, management and prediction of irregular symptoms. The platform enables implementation of remote care within existing workflows so clinics can maximize their effectiveness for managing home bound patients.



Universal Integration


Advance Analytics

Automated Detection

Digital Health Assistance

This healthcare avatar is a unique blend of a human qualities and state of the art digital technologies. Sophie can check a patient’s vital statistics, ask how they are feeling, assess their mood, help schedule appointments, and ensure they’ve taken their medications.

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