The U.S. healthcare system is seriously underperforming; we are not achieving outcomes proportional to our spending. We are wasting trillions of dollars and billions of GB of valuable data. We are not achieving VALUE. This path is unsustainable.

A 2021 Commonwealth Fund study compared the US healthcare system with those of 11 other developed countries. The U.S. was rated HIGHEST-spending, yet WORST-performing in four out of five measures: access to care, administrative efficiency, equity, and health outcomes.

BettrAi offers SOLUTIONS to each of these deficiencies and has the AI-integrated Healthcare Application that will enable providers, payers, and patients to engage and navigate with agility in the new digital healthcare ecosystem.

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Why Now?

The U.S. healthcare system is at a turning point. BettrAi exists to make this pivot work for the benefit of all stakeholders. We are currently experiencing the convergence of multiple dynamics that, together, constitute a tectonic shift in the way health care is delivered, managed, paid for, and consumed.

We have entered a digital healthcare ecosystem; one that is fueled by the mounting imperative to deliver value, equity, and a healthier population at a cost proportional to the outcomes it produces. Fee-for-value payment structures are rapidly replacing fee-for-service.

Advancing a principle that has been sought after, but not fully realized for decades – VALUE-BASED HEALTHCARE – is now within our sights, if we properly align financial and behavioral incentives to reward optimal resource expenditure in the achievement of positive health outcomes.

BettrAi solutions

The BettrAi platform simultaneously promotes positive health outcomes at the individual and population levels, mitigates risk, and optimizes revenue.
The integration of AI is key to making possible this quantum leap forward in the effectiveness, efficiency, quality, and equity of health care in our country.

Harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enable:

  • advanced analytics of big data for entire cohorts of patients
  • real-time trend analysis
  • customizable predictive models
  • provider organizations to manage care of their patient population and thus, proactively optimize chances of meeting targets and maximizing revenue
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Coordinates care across the spectrum to ensure:

  • integration of EHR
  • continuity of care
  • seamless communication
  • access to comprehensive clinical and support services at all levels and phases of care management: transitional, principal, chronic, complex chronic, behavioral, remote patient monitoring.
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Offers telemedicine and an interactive digital health assistant that:

  • provides greater access to clinical evaluation and guidance that is timely and helps to ensure that the right care is prescribed at the right time and in the most efficient way possible
  • leads to improved compliance through greater patient engagement, enhanced satisfaction and UX/UI
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Monitors and analyzes provider performance in real time to:

  • incentivize timely and complete execution of care management plans
  • match reimbursement to performance, thus optimizing revenue and minimizing risk</li
  • lower overall costs by reducing adverse events and avoidable resource utilization
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Elevates population health in the aggregate by:

  • identifying and mitigating risk across entire patient cohorts, customizing care plans that restore optimal health
  • taking a whole-person approach comprised of clinical and social determinants of health
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Who do we serve

All stakeholders: providers, payers, and patients


Private & group practices, community health centers, hospital & health systems, and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) are able to manage patient care plan execution and optimize revenue simultaneously.

BettrAi’s analytics equip providers with the ability to measure progress in real-time and institute effective strategies toward meeting their goals.


Public and commercial insurers can synchronize efforts with providers more efficiently, access and share data, and streamline claims and reimbursement.

As alternative payment structures – fee-for-value – are replacing traditional fee-for-service, this level of integration is not only helpful, it is essential.


The ultimate beneficiaries of better care management are patients.

When their care is well managed, their risk for adverse events is sharply reduced and their prospects for healing and recovery are greatly enhanced.

We are technology-forward-innovators pursuing a bold mission and vision for the U.S. healthcare system of today and tomorrow.BettrAi is committed to serving as a leader in the journey to achieving better population health, lower costs, and true VALUE.
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    “We are change makers, determined to play a role in bending the arc of chronic condition prevalence downward and the trajectory of better control, less adverse events, and improved quality of life sharply upward.”

    Scott Birdwell, Founder & CEO