Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), hospital & health systems, medical practices, and community health centers across the U.S. are making the transition to fee-for-value payment structures, which are rapidly supplanting traditional fee-for-service.

Their survival depends on the speed and agility with which they adapt to this transformative digital era and adopt the kind of technology that enables value-based health care to function the way it is designed to work for the benefit providers, payers, and patients.

Providers are stretched thin, perpetually dealing with the negative fallout of care management gone astray due to gaps in care continuity, poor communication, inadequate patient engagement, staffing shortages compounding an already overburdened clinical workforce, and misaligned incentives.

ACOs are those coordinated delivery systems of hospitals and physicians already engaged in value-based reimbursement structures with payers. While originally a model that grew out of the lead that CMS took for Medicare providers, the percentage of commercial insurers now adopting this alternative payment structure is skyrocketing. New, hybrid models continue to evolve, each carrying different degrees of risk in conjunction with different potentials for revenue gain. The underlying pillars for each design, however, are accountability and the imperative to deliver efficient and effective care management.

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All provider organizations need the tools with which to effectively manage risk and optimize revenue under this new digital, outcomes-based, value-driven system. Particularly smaller networks and practices perceive a steep climb if they are to acquire these capabilities, given the disjointed, siloed nature of care management in its traditional form.

BettrAi anticipated this concern and built in the efficiency and integration that would make their transition fast, agile, and low cost, with rapid return on investment. Owing to the platform’s real-time monitoring and analytic capabilities, providers and payers have a transparent view of the care management process as it is being applied, at the population and population cohort level.

What can be measured can be managed. BettrAi is the cloud-based Digital Health Platform that robustly enables both.

The cost savings that accrue from curbing adverse events and the attendant need for expensive, new resource consumption is now enjoyed in the form of shared savings and optimized reimbursement for appropriate care, delivered at the right time and right place.

As a subscription service, the provider group assumes virtually no financial risk to acquire the platform and, within no more than a few months, see the benefits they derive from it. The return on investment will accrue almost immediately, as a whole new level of efficiency, transparency, and accountability drives improved performance and the attendant maximization of reimbursement.. Incorporating the BetterAi Platform into business operations affords:

  • The ability to analyze massive amounts of data and turn them into actionable insights and intelligent solutions
  • The ability to monitor – in real-time – individual and aggregate progress toward goals, with the accompanying ability to make mid-course corrections, thus minimizing risk and keeping care plans on track
  • Efficiency in care management that automates workflows, ensures steady and thorough execution and documentation of care management tasks, while reducing burden on personnel who are already stretched to their maximum
  • Effortless coordination and integration of the previously siloed components of care management
  • Patients who are more engaged and more compliant; thus improving their satisfaction, their experience, and their health outcomes
  • Agility in adapting to the new fee-for-value payment models
  • Enhanced revenue as a function of the ability to achieve optimal outcomes for patients
  • The distinction of being able to claim delivery of true value-based healthcare, thus making the healthcare organization the prime choice for purchasers and patients.